Help!! My belly fat will not go away!

Help! My belly fat will not go away!


Here is my travel to finding a way to get rid of my stubborn belly fat.


I am a menopausal woman that has tried many, many diets, and lots of exercise. While I have lost weight and toned up my body, the rounded belly still protrudes out of my pants, almost taunting me for wanting a firmer, younger looking body.


I began working at Rejuvenicity in Camarillo about four months ago. We offer a fast mimicking diet called ProLon and I must admit that I didn’t want to try one more diet. I have digestive issues with limited food choices which always makes me a bit hesitant to try a food product without reading the ingredients. I was happy to find that ProLon does not have any milk or gluten in the ingredients and that the plan is only 5 days……..I can do anything for 5 days, so I purchased the box of food and started my quest for a healthy way to lose some extra weight. The bonus of purchasing the ProLon is that it gets your body into a mode for fat burning and cleansing. In technical terms it causes autophagy, the cycling of damaged cells or dysfunctional parts of cells and allows the body to remove them.


I also added one more item to my arsenal: The BTL Vanquish ME laser machine that we also have at our office. I read that by using ProLon a month prior to the Vanquish machine, it would start the fat/weight loss going. It is advised to use ProLon again after the last session in order to rid the body of the fat cells.


The Vanquish ME laser uses radio frequency to permanently destroy fat cells. The arms of the machine are placed around but not touching the abdomen. The warmth feels similar to a nice day sunbathing (before we knew that it caused so much damage). It is a one time a week session for six weeks. You can learn more about it by watching this video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y-JWYcyVQQ

I will keep you informed of my progress after the six weeks are up. So far I have lost five pounds and 1 ½ inches off my midsection.





Charlene Moore

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